Baris Kislak is a Turkish / American actor born in Cape Canaveral, Florida. As the only child of an expatriate family he grew up in Spain, Turkey, Germany and finally UK where he studied Computer Science & Management Studies as a higher degree. After a career as an entrepreneur, Baris began to gain interest in acting. He started his acting studies in Istanbul, working several years with the Eric Morris method and later devoted his years to studying the Ivana Chubbuck method, both in Los Angeles and in Turkey. His commitment to discovering new perspectives in acting and his instinct to help others brought him also a career in acting coaching. He is now teaching his own aproach in one of the leading acting academies in Turkey. Fluent in Turkish, Spanish, English and German Baris has shown performance in a wide range of characters. From an Italian prince, to a naive rural man he is most known for his character Adem in the IEMMY award winning Endless Love and as Altan on the ongoing TV series Vuslat.