Öztürk graduated from Istanbul University Media and Press College in 1986 and publish articles in various magazines. She worked as a producer and radio host for Bern Radio Förderband in Switzerland. Öztürk received directing and cinema training in Hamburg Film Institute. She also took part in documentaries focusing on women such as “Haremin Büyüsü”[The Magic of Harem ], “Bir Doğu Masalı: Galata”[An Eastern Story: Galata], “Anadolu’nun Ana Tanrıçaları” [Mother Goddesses of Anatolia] ve “Türk Dansları” [Turkish Dances]as a director and senarist and directed shows, programs, advertisements and commercials for local and international media. She has two feature-length movies called  “Benim ve Roz’un Sonbaharı” [The Fall of Roz and I] and “Bana Git De”  [Tell me to Leave]  and a total of six books, including her first “Yalnız Bebekler” [Lonely Dolls] published in 1996, and her second “Mor Tecavüz” [Purple Rape] in 2000.