Born in 1978, in Ankara Cezayirli completed his primary and secondary education in his birth city. He qualified as a registered swimmer, basketball player, figure skater between the years of 1985 - 1994 respectively and experienced the pride of being a national athlete in swimming and basketball. He received his training in modern dance and jazz dance from 1993 to 1996 and took part in many companies as a dancer. In 1996, Cezayirli entered the Theater Department of Selçuk University State Conservatory and received courses from many acclaimed artists such as –in particular- Prof. Bozkurt Kuruç, Semih Sergen, Lale Oraloğlu, Murat Atak. After graduating from the conservatory in 2000, he passed the exam for Eskişehir City Municipality Theaters and started working as a permanent artist. Having been professionally playing the guitar since 1993, Cezayirli performed in over a hundred concerts, in a broad range of genres including Rock and Symphony orchestras. He founded the Turkish Theater Department within the body of City Theaters and gave start to “Turkish Theater Theory” studies. He went on to work in movies and television industry by first taking part in a television show called “Kod Adı” (Code Name) in 2006. Apart from his work in theater, television, and movies, he worked as a lecturer at Selçuk University National Conservatory, a co-founding lecturer in Levent Kırca Art Center, giving courses on performing arts including acting, diction and creative drama. While simultaneously offering improvement and orientation educations to the companies, was the General Art Director of Eskişehir City Municipality City Theaters between the years of 2016 – 2018, and still continues to work as a permanent artist.